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Balancing Work and Travel in an RV

Working while living in an RV is way different than my last 9-5 job. Having boundaries and goals set out for you at a job makes working actually a bit easier in a sense. The constant pressure of figuring out your own deadlines, juggling times and places to work, and creating that separation of “I’m here, but I’m not here” with the family is no easy task.

However, I wouldn’t give up working on my own (and even in an RV) for anything. Waking up to see clouds rolling off the Rocky Mountains, the sun rising over the water in the Florida Keys, or the sound of boats speeding along the lake like where we are currently situated near Ft. Collins, Colorado is an experience like no other.

I definitely don’t have working while living full time in an RV perfected, but here are a few things I’ve learned in the last 14+ months of this adventure:

FIND A TIME TO WORK The ideal work situation is to work at the same time every day. For most of our time in an RV I’ve had a set 2-3 hours (depends on when our daughter wakes up) in the morning to work before I start my day.

The amount of work I can get done is easily 3x more work than I would get done in an office environment with walk-ins, meetings, phone calls, and any number of distractions.

This time of focused work does not happen every single day, but I would say its a part of my life 95% of the time seven days a week. That’s right, even weekends. I’ve tossed the old Monday – Friday mindset. It’s about making the most of my time and blocking out mornings has been great.

I’m sure you may be thinking “You lazy bum. You only work 2 hours a day? That’s 14 hours a week!”. Ok, so it is true, I do work 14 hours a week with my mornings, but that is not the only time I work. The rest of my work is done on a flexible schedule. Sometimes I work an hour or so at night and sometimes if Marissa goes somewhere with Hensley (store, playground, etc) I work at those times as well.

Those 2-3 hours are all that is set in stone. The other times are done on a flexible basis. But I promise, those 14 hours a week in the morning are like 40+ in the office. At least, that is what I’ve experienced.

FIND A PLACE TO WORK This one has been been tough for me. Living in 300sq feet with the majority of it technically one living space makes finding a place to work very difficult. I just haven’t found my happy place on this one.

Sometimes I work outside if the light is right. I can’t work in the dark (bugs attack the computer as a source of light). I can’t work when the sun is too bright and I have no shade because I can’t see my screen. And sometimes, it is honestly just too hot, cold, windy, or not the right condition to be sitting in one place with a laptop.

When you think of someone working while traveling the country you may picture the guy with his laptop on the beach. That is the silliest image I could imagine for about 10,425 reasons I won’t get into, but trust me, I won’t be on the beach with my laptop any time soon.