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Trailers, Fifth Wheels, & Motorhomes. Oh My!

When we made the decision to move into a camper there was one little problem…We knew nothing about camping. Neither my husband or I had grown up camping (although he had done some tent camping as a kid) so we had nowhere to start besides from scratch.

One of the best ways to get started is by going to RV lots or Roadshows and checking out as many campers as you can. There are so many different layouts and after seeing literally hundreds of campers, we would start to realize quickly what we were looking for and what we knew was a deal breaker. So how to you know if you need a trailer, fifth wheel, or Motorhome?

Let me start out by saying we thought we knew what we needed. Although it is true you can make anything work, you likely won’t get it just right the first time. I refer to us as the Three Little Bears of camping. If you recall that childhood story Goldilocks eats the porridge, sits in the chairs, and rests in the beds until she finds one just right. The reason I refer ourselves to this character is because we have have owned all three types of campers within a year of transitioning to full time rving. I have broken down our experience in this article of how we finally found one that is JUST RIGHT! Well for now anyway:)