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Typical Day of RV Living

We recently reached our first year of full time RV living a few months ago and what a blast! I honestly didn’t know what was in store for us and although we have had a few hiccups along the way, this has been an amazing experience and memories have already been made that will last a lifetime already.

With that being said, not every day is an exciting adventure or a new exhilarating experience. Some days are well…just us living in a camper. Although that isn’t always exciting to us, we have actually gotten a lot of interest in what that is like.

So believe it or not, due to popular demand, let me present to you a typical day of RV living!

Who needs an alarm clock when you have a toddler? Living in such a small space makes for some tight sleeping arrangements. Our daughter sleeps in a large wardrobe converted to a bunk bed that she LOVES! We are really happy with the way her space turned out, but she is right outside our door which means she has became our built in alarm clock.

As tough as it get sometimes to be quiet and I have to be a ninja while she sleeps, I wouldn’t want to wake up another way than to hear “MAMA” out my bedroom door like I do now. Some mornings it comes too early and I want to keep sleeping, but I know those are sweet words that one day she will outgrow as she wakes. So after my “alarm clock” goes off, we hop out of bed and eat breakfast as a family.

This is a special time that is such a blessing to us and honestly one of the best things that has came out of RV living.

Before this journey I HATED leaving for work before we were able to get up and have breakfast together. Now that I am home more, I get so many mornings of pancakes and oatmeal over giggles and belly laughs.

It is the best part of waking up….sorry Folgers.