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New York RV Inspection Results & Questions


Things that were found during our 30-minute RV inspection
* We never made it to the fridge, ACs, furnace, and much of the inside.
* We don’t have images/video & we won’t mention the sellers’ details to respect their privacy.

  • Neglect and lack of maintenance

    • 2-foot cobweb when we first walked up in propane bay

    • A layer of dirt/debris in all basement bays of RV

    • Speaker dangling from the ceiling in living room

    • Scuffed walls

    • Mouse poop under kitchen sink

    • Mouse poop under the master bed

    • Both AC filters clogged with dust/debris

    • Permanent creases in window shades from wear/tear

    • Window shades struggling to respond from wear/tear

    • Visible damage to the wood under sink

  • Mechanical / Liability Issues

    • Axles out of alignment ($1k+ fix)

    • Rear tires on driver’s side need to be replaced

    • Bent/damaged front bay door for generator

    • Seal for hydraulics on main slide leaking ($400 part)

    • Dicor separation on the roof for the front cap. Could feel where roof wood was wet from water coming in from the top

    • Front bay door damaged from a truck. Tight to open and visible damage to the door.

    • Underbelly sliced open for 6-foot stretch to fix a water leak in the kitchen. Insulation not replaced. Underbelly plastic not properly replaced. It was duct-taped together and sagging so much it was touching the axles.


I also filmed a 25-minute video the day after we returned to TN outlining most of this if you want to check it out on Patreon for free:


If you’re looking at buying an RV from a private party, questions are your best friend. Some of these questions may also be great questions if buying from a dealer.

  • Pre-Offer Phone Call

    • Why are you selling?

      • Listening for the motivation behind selling

      • Listening for deception

    • How many owners?

    • How many miles?

    • What is the cargo capacity?
      Usually a yellow sticker 

    • Stored inside or outside?

    • What should be working, but isn’t?

    • What would be the lowest you would sell the RV for?

    • Say you want to talk about it with (somebody) and then call them back

  • Offer Phone Call

    • Before I make the drive/flight, is there anything I should be aware of as far as an inspection?

    • If I find something wrong that we did not know about before we agree on a price, will you adjust the price for it?

      • AC is out? The fridge doesn’t work? Water heater fails?

    • Title in hand?

    • Can I have someone inspect the RV before you make the drive?
      Could be certified RV Inspector, Friend, Local Handyman, Seller

    • Would you take $$ (usually somewhere between 10%-20% less than asking price) for the RV? I have cash and could be there in a few days.
      Already have pre-approved financing or cash lined up. That is a big part of getting a better deal. Many buyers are willing to come down if they know you are serious and will arrive soon. 

  • Just before leaving to buy the RV

    • If it’s a long drive/flight, take a picture of the cashier’s check and send it to let the seller know you’re serious (blurring out bank account is not a bad idea). 

Here’s a free 25-minute Patreon video walking through the above questions about RV buying/negotiation:


More than anything, know every deal is different and it will rarely go 100% to plan. There are no failures. Only learning and growing!

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