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5 Reasons Florida Keys is Worth the Drive

The best part of traveling is not only meeting new people on our travels, but reconnecting with old friends. As part of our honeymoon over three years ago, my husband and I decided to join a group from our church on a mission trip to Honduras, Mexico. Kind of a weird gesture, but we thought what better way to start a marriage of serving each other than serving others.

On this trip, we met some amazing people along the way. One of the young ladies who was there with her church and I quickly started a friendship that has continued over the years with encouraging cards, texts, phone calls, and she even made a visit to stay with us in Tennessee. When we decided to take our adventure to Florida I knew we had to go visit this friend and see her stomping grounds, the Florida Keys!

We stayed at the beautiful Point Of View Key Largo RV Resort. The weather was gorgeous and so was the waterfront view from our RV.