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5 Stops to Make in St. Louis

One of the things I love about Full-Time RV Living is finding hidden gems along our adventures. We stopped in St. Louis on our way to Colorado from Tennessee and let me tell you, this place is AWESOME! Here are a few of our favorite things to do and some we hope to check out in the future.

1. Gateway Arch. I traveled to St. Louis as a kid for a basketball tournament and I was super bummed I didn’t get to go up in the famous Gateway Arch. This time around I was going to make sure we stopped and made the voyage to the top. You can buy your reserved tickets online or when you get there. If there is a certain time you would love to have, such as dusk (which I hear is amazing), then make sure to reserve online. It can get busy during the summer, so I would consider reserving ahead if possible. If not, then no worries, because you should be able to get a time.

We walked up and got our tickets at the door, but be prepared to wait. Even with a reserved time we waited, and waited, and waited, just to wait some more. It was a 1.5 hr wait in a hot line holding a toddler with no strollers allowed. It was a toddler’s (and parent’s) worst nightmare.

To get to the top of the arch, you are 5 people deep in this tiny pod. If you are claustrophobic, this may be very difficult for you. Our pod got down to 4 because a lady bolted before the doors shut and she was chanting to herself, “I can do it, I can do it, I can’t do it!” and then she was gone. Just be aware of the conditions before you wait in the long line and purchase tickets. Don’t forget your America the Beautiful Pass to save a few dollars on your tickets. Man how I love that pass!

Once we made it to the top I was very surprises the windows were so tiny to see out onto the city of St. Louis. I guess I expected large windows in my mind, but everyone has to share these little tiny windows. It is a beautiful view, but a marathon to get to that point from our experience. I am glad we got to tackle the challenge for the experience, but it was not the most toddler friendly situation. With no stroller and nowhere to run. this can be a little stressful, but a very cool experience otherwise. Here is our VLOG about this must see experience. 

2. City Museum. So I talked about how the arch was probably not the best toddler activity, but let me tell you a place that is fun for everyone! City Museum was AMAZING! This building has floors and floors and even rooftops of recycled materials created into a giant playground for all ages.

When we approached the museum and saw a ferris wheel spinning and school bus dangling from the edge of the rooftop, needless to say, I thought this was a death trap for a toddler. To my surprise, this museum has something for children and adults of all ages. We had a blast exploring this unique attraction.

The rooftop is a little extra in price, but totally worth the extra $5 to have access. Where else can you ride a rooftop ferris wheel, dangle in a school bus off a ledge, and go down a multiple story slide? I can’t say enough about this place. Check out our VLOG to see more of this crazy museum! 

3. Imos Pizza. We were told by many native St. Louis natives we had to check out Imos Pizza while we were in the area. I am never one to turn down pizza, so we made a short walk from City Museum and gave this local pizza a try. It is thin and crispy and was exactly what we needed after all that playing at the museum.

4. Forest Park. St. Lois has some great free attractions. Make sure to stop in Forest Park and spend some time exploring. The zoo is fantastic and one of the best in the nation in our opinion and it is FREE! Parking is not free unfortunately, but if you look for parking outside of the zoo along the street, there is some free parking up for grabs. With over 18000 animals from 700 species located on 90 acres, you don’t want to miss this adventure.

If I had to choose, the penguin exhibit was my favorite stop and in all our travels I have never seen this type of cool environment….literally. This exhibit stays between 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a spectacular treat in the summer months. I loved visiting the penguins in their chilly environment and I had never been this close to these cute animals in their habitat to beat.

5. Cardinals Game. Who doesn’t love a great game of baseball? This was totally on my list of things to do, but unfortunately the Cards where not playing while we were in town….Bummer. We did get to drive by Busch Stadium in downtown and if you can SWING IT, (see what I did there) then I would highly recommend putting this on your list. We will be back St. Louis so save us a seat.

There are so much to see and do in this great city. From the History to Museums and don’t forget the food, this place has so much to offer. We can not wait to return to keep exploring!

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