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A Penny Saved…

I’ve been reading a book called the Slight Edge. The focus of the book revolves around a parable told at the beginning of the book involving 2 sons and their dying father.

On his deathbed he gives his sons two options:

  1. Receive 1 million dollars today or

  2. Receive a penny a day doubled every day for 30 days

Which would you take? At first sight, I would take the million bucks and run. However, it turns out a penny doubled every day would give you more than 10 million dollars after a month!

This parable reminds me of our journey RVing. When we bought our first RV, we knew next to nothing about RVing. I didn’t know how a refrigerator could run on electric or propane. I didn’t have a clue how to book a site in a National Park and believe it or not, I even forgot how to unhook a travel trailer from the truck towing it.

After we purchased our Earthbound RV and towed it to our first campground I walked (actually limped, I was on crutches) from the cab of the truck to the trailer hitch and spent a good 15 minutes trying to release the trailer hitch from the truck.

I raised the trailer with the jack, but the thing would not release from the truck! I jerked it forward a bit with the truck. I jumped on the trailer hitch. I jumped around like a monkey. I tried everything imaginable to release the trailer from the truck.