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Can I Live with Less and Still Be Happy?

You would think the words less and happy would never go together in the same sentence. How could having LESS bring more HAPPINESS to a person? Isn’t that what we have been taught in our culture… that having more “stuff” leads to more happiness?

When we decided to sell our house and begin having LESS JUNK AND MORE JOURNEY, people frequently asked us the question, “Are you getting something bigger?” Even to this day when it comes up that we sold our house, the next statement is usually suggesting we upgraded in some way for either space or just simply something more expensive.

It seems to never cross anyone’s mind that you would want to downgrade and live below your means instead of above it. Why would it? We live in a society of debt and maxed out credit cards and commercials telling us “we deserve it”.

I am not saying one way is better than another. If you can afford it then enjoy it. We as a family took the challenge to simplify life to the standard we wanted to live instead of the standard society had set for us.

Its is hard to give up space because when you do so you are giving up the objects that it holds.

Its is hard to give up space because when you do so you are giving up the objects that it holds.

Giving up space meant giving up some of our clothes, shoes, dishes, storage, electronics, home gym, pretty much extra of just about everything!

After that statement I have probably not convinced anyone this is the life for them. So I know you’re thinking right about now that we are crazy and why would anyone do such a thing? Here are my top 5 reasons of why we can live with less and have even more happiness:

1.) More Time This was the #1 reason we chose to live this lifestyle. We wanted our time spent on doing the things we enjoyed instead of putting time into working more hours to pay for “things”. It’s not that we don’t work or like to work. My husband and I are both hard workers. We just want to work smart and make the most of our time.

The more stuff I’ve gotten rid of, the more time I receive in return. How is that possible you ask? Less stuff means less space to clean….Hallelujah!  Cleaning the whole RV takes me about 30-45 minutes depending on how much we let it get out of control. We went from over 1700 square feet of hardwood floors (a nightmare to clean) in a  multi level home to 300 square feet. That is a huge time saver.

Also, putting things away is much faster in 300 square feet. Doing laundry in the past meant climbing from the basement where our laundry room was located to the next two levels of bedrooms. Carrying laundry baskets up and down the stairs is not a chore I will miss. Now I do my laundry literally three steps from the bedroom.