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Full Time RV Living Meals, Tips, and Recipes

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

I feel like such a pioneer woman while we are boondocking and I am trying to plan and prepare meals for the week in our RV. I’m sure that statement would be mildly offensive to a real pioneer who has to grow and hunt their own food prepared over a campfire. Maybe preparing food while boondocking is not as complicated as being a hunter or gatherer would be, but from a girl who did not grow up camping it sure does feel that way to me.

I am going to preface this article and make a confession and disclaimer. I am not a gourmet chef. I do NOT enjoy cooking, but I do enjoy eating and there lies the problem. Unfortunately, neither my husband nor I "enjoy" cooking, but considering he always dumps our tanks on the RV, I choose my battles.

Camping or living in an RV does require some additional thought when it comes to meal planning. We shop once a week for our family of three, and this seems to work out for our family. We have an 8 cubic foot refrigerator and freezer that gets us through the week comfortably. We’re often asked to share our favorite boondocking and RV meals. I have always shied away from it because cooking is not my strong suite. However, I have decided due to popular demand to open up our kitchen and share with you some of our tips and strategies for easy meals.

Know your Camping Schedule

Since we grocery shop for a week at a time, I can get a good idea of our situation for the upcoming week. Will we have electric and water hookups? This is always an important question for me as I prepare, because it will determine the type of meals I prepare. If we have electric, I know I can use the microwave oven and Instant Pot as much as I need. Also, having a water source affects the meals I will make based on cleanup. Some meals I prepare are what I call “Full Hookup Meals” because they require lots of dishes to wash and the oven to prepare. These are special occasion meals in a sense.

When it comes to these type of meals, having full hookups does not change your cooking much from a sticks and bricks home. The only difference I have noticed after living in an RV was the size of the microwave oven. I could cook the same, just had a smaller preparation area due to counter and oven space. Other than that, there is not much of a difference. When this happens, I prepare turkey meatloaf muffins with cauliflower mashed potatoes or Baked Lemon Shrimp , rice, and lemon butter green beans. The meals require more cleanup, so we only get this as a treat on the menu when full hookups are on the agenda.

If you plan on living or camping with only full hookups, no need to be worried about meals. I was