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How We Cook in an RV

Before moving into an RV, I was somewhat concerned about cooking in one.

Let’s be honest, I am not a gourmet cook.

This is no surprise to anyone who knows me. Cooking has always been one of those things I do not enjoy and unfortunately I am married to someone who feels the same way. Ironically enough we both LOVE to eat, so that promotes a real problem.

Making sure all the meals are planned out and the grocery bill stays within budget is stressful enough. But now, you add the factor of cooking in an RV and things could get even trickier. Now, after almost 2 years of living in an RV, I can honestly say not much has changed from cooking in our sticks and bricks home to our home on wheels. We tend to cook the same meals but there are a few “small” differences. And when I say small, that is literally speaking.

Here are a few changes we have noticed along the way and how we cook in an RV.

Smaller Space

Having a small space is the biggest factor. Counter space can be limited making it a little more challenging when it comes to cooking as well as smaller storage and fridge space for food. We shop once a week for our family of three and this is very doable. Our freezer space in the beginning was the most frustrating but now we have adjusted and I don’t even think of that being a limitation anymore. It just means there is not space for cartons of ice cream for us, which can be a good thing for sugar craving RVers like ourselves.