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If I Want to Downsize, Where Do I Start?

After making the big decision to sell your house and everything in it for a life on the open road the next question is where do I start? How is this even possible? How do I make money? What about insurance? What will my family and friends think? What if I hate it? 


These are all the questions that came to my mind, and I’m sure they are some of the same questions that crossed yours as well.

Let me start by saying this was not an overnight process. After making the decision to live in a camper full time in April of 2014, we took the next year to prep our house, our jobs, our peers, and our everyday lives in general.

We started by preparing our finances. This is the tricky part for most people. You have to make money to survive even if you get rid of the high mortgage and car payments, as well as all the other “must have” payments that linger over our heads FOREVER it seems. The truth is once you get rid of all these payments you free up the money that keeps us sedintary.

Its amazing how little it takes to live on once these chains are broken. The statement the more money you make, the more money you spend is very true.

How do I make money?

Again, I understand most people have jobs that require them to be there every day and this is a huge hurdle for living life on the go. The good news is that there are so many growing opportunites to make money online and from home. This may require some creativity and some boldness to step out of your comfort zone.

In our situation my husband owns his own business that he manages from home and also does web design. We also have a couple of properties we rent for passive income. I am a Registered Nurse at the hospital in my hometown. Nursing does offer travel assignments, which I thought about doing, and may try in the future, but at this time I think I might just keep that in my back pocket.