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Not Good Enough

I have been struggling lately with not feeling good enough. I have to fight this struggle of inadequacy more often than I would like to admit. These thoughts start sneaking slowly in my mind like dripping water without me even noticing, until it is too late and I become drenched in insecurities. We put so many responsibilities on ourselves and we try and keep up with “the Jones'” who have it all together.

To be honest, I though by choosing this life as an RV full time family we would escape these feelings of comparison and the need to keep up with others. It would only make sense this life would be carefree and no longer the comparison trap of every day life. The difference is the focus has shifted to different aspects of life, but the struggle is still present.

What I have discovered is that there is no escaping those feelings. Instead, we need to work on ourselves and truly learn to be happy in any circumstance. Easier said than done huh?

We are human and with so much social media out there, it is hard not to feel like your life is not as exciting, luxurious, adventurous, or whatever it is that you desire your life to be. I am not saying social media is a bad thing. It can keep us connected to old friends and family or introduce us to new friendships. It enhances relationships and that important to us as people, but it can also display this persona that everyone has it together and life is always perfect.

I am realizing the problem starts deep down in my heart and if I keep comparing myself to the super moms out there or all the families who have it all together, then I am never going to feel good enough. I need to focus on my family and me as a person and make sure I am being the best me I can be for my family, the community, and even the world around me. I saw a quote that has really helped me through this struggle.

“Lord, today I take my eyes off anyone else’s assessment and I thank you for the beauty of mine.”

-Suzie Eller

When I read that it really hit home and took the pressure off my shoulders to be “more”. I was given an assignment. A personal and beautiful assignment that only I can fulfill.

I need to quit looking over my shoulder and worrying about other people’s assignment and focus on my own.

If I am focusing on others and feeling like I am not enough, I can not perform my assignment to the best of my ability and well, that would be a shame. Our assignments are equally important and cannot be the same. I hate math so someone else can have that assignment!

So this week, my goal is to focus my mind and energy on how I can be a better person and make a difference in this world no matter how big or small that path may be. Just remember, your assignment is very important and so are you!

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