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Our 2 Year Nomadiversary! What RV Living Taught Us After 2 Years on the Road

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

The month of May marked the end of our 2nd year on the road of full-time RV living and June kicks off year number 3! They say time flies when you are having fun, so you can imagine it is in warp speed while RV living. We are having a BLAST!

I wake up each morning excited for a new day and the adventures that await our family. No more dread or wishing for the day to end, so I can go home and see my family. I spend my day living on less in exchange for family time.

The transition was scary. Selling your home and most of your belongings is never an easy task. It is not a task I have fond memories of to say the least. As tough as it was, the real fun starts after the letting go process. After 2 years has come to an end, I want to share what living on the road has taught us along the way.

Taking The Leap Is Worth It

The decision was easy. When we discovered the RV lifestyle, we were all in! It took us a year to prepare to hit the road, and that was a difficult year. That year we did all the dirty work without reaping the reward. We watched a lot of RV videos and read tons of RV blogs, as we dreamed for the day to come. As the end approached and the house went on the market, I became scared.

What if this was a mistake?

What if we hated it?

Would this all a good dream and a terrible reality?

The mindset that pushed us out the door, was we wanted a life of no regrets. If we hated it, we could always go back. We could buy another house and refill it. On the flip side, we didn’t want to look back and wonder what life would have been like if we had made the leap. I can tell you after 2 years it was one of the best decsions we ever made by not letting fear keep us from our dreams. Taking that leap of faith and following our hearts, has given us some of the most amazing family memories and life experiences we could ask for. Taking the Leap is TOTALLY worth it.

Appreciate The Little Things

Living in an RV has taught us THANKFULNESS. I thought I was thankful before this lifestyle, but I had no idea what living “without” really meant. There are times while camping we have limited resources while boondocking which means no hookups. We just recently spent 2 weeks boondocking with limited water and no AC in hot weather. We spent one night in a campground after that experience with electric and a full tank of water and I was so appreciative! We turned on the AC, took a hot shower, had a good meal, and it was amazing! I never had those thoughts in a sticks and bricks home and I took for granted those everyday luxuries.