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Pros & Cons of Having a Home Base While RV Living

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Living the RV lifestyle opens up doors for many exciting opportunities, but also raises lots of questions. Will I miss family and friends? How do I get mail? What about visits to the doctor, dentist, and medications? How do you find a loyal mechanic?

There is not just one straight forward answer to all these questions. As RVers, we all find our way on what works the best for us. One thing that has answered a lot of our questions is having a “home base” campground in our hometown of Cookeville, Tennessee. Having a home base location as an RVer has been very beneficial to us, but does have it’s pros and cons.


Batch Projects

One thing is certain in the RV lifestyle. Maintenance and projects are not something you will escape on the road. Just like living in a sticks and bricks home, having a house on wheels has it upkeep in different ways. Having a home base location is the perfect place to perform these activities if you can help it.

Yes problems happen while on the road, but some projects can wait until our next home base visit. This makes things so much easier, because we have local handymen, mechanics, or just an extra set of hands when needed. This allows us to hire people we know and trust and this is a huge piece of mind while performing these tasks.

Family Time

Family is a huge part of our lives. Not just our little family we established, but our extended family as well. Both our families live in the same area in Tennessee, which is really nice when you are choosing a home base. One of the reasons we travel back to our hometown so frequently is because we love visiting with family and friends.

We don’t want our RV lifestyle experience to be isolated from the ones we love the most. We enjoy meeting new people on the road, but not being around family years at a time is not a situation that will work for our family.

Some of you may have family throughout the country and this lifestyle will let you see family more often. For us, because they are mostly in in the same area, traveling back to spend time on these relationships has been an important part of our travel journey.

Our daughter Hensley gets to spend time with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends which is very important to all of us. I can enjoy sitting on the porch drinking coffee with my mom and grandma while we laugh and catch up on life. We can attend birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, time with friends, all the things we may miss while traveling.</