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Thanksgiving is About Being Thankful, Not Having Our Cart Full

It’s the “most wonderful time” of the year once again. A time for macing fellow shoppers over Xbox’s, trampling and stepping over people who collapse (and sometimes later die), and stabbing others over a parking space.

It’s Black Friday time!

Ok, who am I kidding. It’s Gray Thursday. Some retailers are already opening at 8am on Thanksgiving Day this year. The majority are opening between 3 and 6pm on Thursday.

Who knows, by next year, it might be White Wednesday. We could leave straight from work, shop all night, sleep all day Thursday (Forget Thanksgiving) and then come back out Friday for more DEALS. Okay now we have a problem! Nobody cuts into my Turkey Time!

Where do you draw the line for shopping over family time? If you don’t have a line, let me challenge you to draw one before you finish this post. Be honest with yourself. Your line could be 12pm on Thanksgiving day. It could be 12pm on Friday. What matters is you take a stand and draw a line.

Don’t let stores draw a line for you each year! They will continue to sneak their way into family time until there is little or nothing left. They don’t care about family. They care about the bottom dollar.

Family unity is not sparked by stuff. You may be thinking: “But I am buying this stuff for my family.” While that may be true, how often does stuff spark closeness as a family?

Hard times spark unity. Adventure sparks unity. Laughing over a meal. Serving together. Any number of other virtues. That new iPad does not bring family together.

That new iPad does not bring family together.

How often do we walk out of Black Friday with only gifts for others? For me, it’s next to impossible to walk out without something for myself.  When I show up at the store, I book it to the item I want for myself first and then hope the stuff I plan on getting other people is still available later.