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The Reward is in the Risk

My finger was hovering over the enter key as I thought through last second regrets for making this decision. Marissa was at work (We just pulled back into Tennessee. Our videos are about a week behind) and she was on the phone reluctantly giving me one last go-ahead for the launch.

What were we launching? A computer virus that pops up a message promising a million dollars if you loan a Prince in Nigeria a measly $200? Nope. A missile heading straight toward our motorhome that still hasn’t sold so we can at least get insurance money out of it? I wish, but wrong again.

We were launching a YouTube video announcing our Patreon page for Less Junk, More Journey. Dozens of people had asked for it. YouTube had taken away the donate button on our page, so we now had even more people asking for a way to give. So, we put on our hard hats to protect us from rocks ready to be thrown by YouTube trolls and we pushed the button.

But something amazing happened. No, the trolls did not throw us high fives for the 195 free videos we’d given them over the last 16 months. I would imagine most of them had sore arms from throwing reason after reason why we were free-loading, m