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To Reserve or not to Reserve, That is the question

This question has been our battle since the beginning of our RV experience. It’s a toughie. The age-old question of is it better to book ahead or leave your schedule open for flexibility when it comes to RV reservations.

When we were new to the RV game over a year ago, we booked ahead and made reservations for every stop along the way. This was wonderful, until one day it wasn’t. We found ourselves wanting more time in an area, but once reservations are made you are committed. If you have made multiple reservations, then changing all these along the way to accommodate could be an RV nightmare. On the flip side, we have found ourselves twiddling our thumbs in other areas and wanting to move on, but reservations were holding us hostage.

So it was settled. We would no longer make reservations! Sounds logical enough, what could go wrong right? We would be free as a bird and it would be wonderful. It does sound wonderful in theory, but we ran into was a brick wall of absolutely no openings in an area and we were literally begging mobile home parks for a flat piece of land to rent out to park our RV. This strategy actually worked for us in a pinch and we parked in a blazing hot field to get through the weekend, but we were excited to have a place to park our home.

Calling dozens of campgrounds and asking, no begging, for a place to stay is not our idea of RV nirvana. Here are a few tips we’ve learned along the way. Some we’ve already put into motion. Some are still in the works.

I’ve split up the tips into two sections because how we reserve depends the time of year and the popularity of the campground.