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Why Attend an RV Show?

This week we attended the Tampa Super RV Show. The only way I know how to describe it, would be to call it the Disney World of RV shows. There is seriously a trolly that you can ride through the outside portion of the show. It is one of the largest in the country displaying thousands of RVs to be toured and explored. If you are in search for an RV or even curious if this lifestyle is for you, RV shows are a great way to explore tons of options.

We actually stumbled upon our first RV show in Houston Texas. We happened to be in the area and saw a sign for an RV show. Even though we didn’t really know what an RV show was at the time, we thought why not check it out? We were blown away and after seeing how convenient and beneficial they are and have been hooked ever since. It is a great way to see multiple makes, models, and brands of RVs under one roof.

We have since attended multiple RV shows and it’s less pressure to buy than an RV lot from our experience. Usually venders are available for questions as well as the salesmen, which can also be a very good reference to have close by.

RV shows can be helpful when you are in the process of picking out an RV for weekend camping or full time living. We are all too familiar with the overwhelming feeling that can be finding the “perfect” RV. We tell people all the time who are thinking about this lifestyle to just get out there and look at as many RVs as you can. Get in them and picture yourself living or camping in it.

Where would things go? How would life work in this space? After touring multiple RVs, we began to find the pattern of what we like and didn’t like and that helped us in our search.

You may be wondering why we are attending RV shows even though we are not looking to purchase one? Although we are currently not looking to purchase, RV shows are a great for RV owners as well. You will find at most shows venders are set up and offer products or services that can help in the RVing world.

Sometimes we also run across ideas in RVs that we can incorporate on our own. At the Knoxville show we saw a retractable clothesline in an Airstream. We went home, looked on Amazon, and just like that we had our own stainless steel retractable clothesline for our Airstream.

One of our favorite reasons for attending RV shows is getting to see the new and innovative things that are brought to the RVing world. Every year, RV companies really outdo themselves and come up with amazing features and floorpans. This year we saw a bathtub in a Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel or a home theatre projector screen with blackout blinds in an Airstream. Some of them are condos on wheels and you can travel the country from the comfort of your home on wheels.

Where else can you tour a 2.3 million dollar RV? Watch out for that future tour coming soon.

Although there are lots of reasons to attend RV shows, our FAVORITE reason is meeting new people. We truly enjoy meeting others who enjoy the RV life and making family memories like we do. Camping is an amazing family activity and can be very budget friendly. We have enjoyed all the new friends we have made along the way.

If you have a chance to attend an RV there is a good chance you will enjoy it and find it very beneficial as well as fun! The Tampa RV show is every January, but there are shows all over the country. Check out one near you and we hope to see you there!

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