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Why We Film Our Life On Youtube

I have an idea! Let’s film our life and put it in Youtube! I actually cannot remember the exact conversation of how that became a reality, but I am guessing it went something like that.

A year ago this week was the beginning of an amazing journey for our family. Once we made the decision to live in an RV full time for more freedom and family time, we decided why not film our adventures to share with others?

For us, we discovered the idea of full time RV living and travel by the impact of a video we found on the Internet. We stumbled upon this concept and this one video changed our life forever:

This video opened our eyes to a new way of thinking, and as a family, things will never be the same. Because of the influence of a video in our life, we came to the conclusion,

What if we could be that encouragement in someones else’s life?  

With no background in filming or editing (or any clue at all really), we set out on a mission to spread the word of this amazing lifestyle that has transformed our lives forever. It does seem as if we are feeling our way through the dark at times, but we stepped out on faith that if only one family is effected by our videos, then it would be totally worth sharing our experiences with the world.

Placing our lives on the Internet has been a huge blessing as well as a large struggle at times. When you are sharing the good and bad of your life it can be difficult, but at the same time very rewarding for others and yourself. We want to be helpful and at the same time be honest of the ups and downs this great journey provides.

Allowing people into your everyday lives is open access to your home, car, thoughts, and all the decisions you make. We are not perfect, we are merely human, and there are going to be times we make mistakes and now those mistakes are publicized.

The good news is, we have found so much loving support with our Youtube “family” . They encourage us, pray for us, and keep us going.

With that being said, there are some people out there who come across our videos that do not agree with our lifestyle or decisions and can be very malicious and negative. I say this to prepare you if you are interested in sharing your life through video, not everyone will be supportive.

These people are not just saying they don’t like your makeup (yes, I even have to hear about my mascara), they will question your integrity as a person, which is a difficulty when you are trying your best and be of good character.

We cope with this by focusing on our mission of why we share and our goal of being helpful and possibly even inspirational to follow your dreams of whatever that dream may be.

So here we are 1 year later of filming our family adventures on Youtube and it has been a wonderful ride! Youtube has been an incredible avenue to meet new and exciting people that we otherwise would have never crossed paths with. It has pushed us out of our comfort zone  and allowed us to grow as people and a family.

We began this journey with just a dream and an iPhone. We knew it wasn’t the perfect setup, but we had to start somewhere. After saving up and purchasing some camera gear, I have joked that our camera is a member of the family. It goes everywhere with us and has opened up an incredible opportunity for us to share what we are passionate about and what the RV lifestyle has done for our family.

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