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Why We RV

When we decided to make the transition to full time RV living, we were often asked the question (with a strange look) “Why?” People where unsure why you would want to sell your house and stuff to live in a small space, a camper for that matter. I remember I dreaded this question, because if I am going to be completely honest here, it was because I was simply embarrassed.

I was embarrassed because I know it seemed crazy to people. I knew they didn’t have the same views of life or the desires we had as a family to live this lifestyle. I was embarrassed because you normally “move up” in life. You get bigger and better houses, cars, and you become more “successful” in your career.

Most people don’t live smaller and below their means by choice.

It wasn’t until a couple months into our transition, that I quit being embarrassed of our transformation and I became more proud of our where we were in our lives. I was no longer embarrassed of our situation, but I was now excited to share my love for the RV lifestyle and the amazing opportunities it had brought to our lives.

Now that most people in our lives know our story and situation, we don’t get that question as often now and I actually miss it. I’m passionate about sharing what this lifestyle has done for us as a family and as individuals. Then this week, a magazine reached out to us and was asking full time families, Why do you RV?

This got me reliving these initial thoughts of our motivation behind this lifestyle and I wanted to share all the reasons why!

Family Time

Family time was the spark that set fire to our desire to hit the road in an RV. We came across this lifestyle idea from a video on the internet and were immediately intrigued. I was currently on maternity leave and = being faced with the impending doom of returning to my full time position as a nurse working long stressful hours away from our new miracle baby. I was devastated! Not because I hated my job, I loved my job, but because spending time with my family became my new priority and if it took selling my house to get that opportunity, consider it sold! Downsizing and moving into an RV was the perfect way for our family to make this happen.

Freedom and Flexibility 

Living in an RV broke our chains! Having freedom and flexibility in our lives has been an incredible burden lifted off our shoulders as individuals, a couple, and a family. We now have more time to spend as a family and the shackles of debt and a mortgage no longer boss us around and tell us what to do with our time. We now have time to read books, take walks, and create amazing family memories together.

Yes we still have to make money to survive and we still work and have jobs, the difference is the job does not control us. We control the job and that has been life changing and invigorating at the same time.