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Working Out on the Road

Working out and staying healthy on the road while traveling does make it a little more difficult to stay in shape. Especially as a mom, we are always on the go.

While traveling, it’s hard to keep a gym membership anywhere because you are picking up and leaving frequently and it’s difficult to retain any sense of accountability. Because, let’s face it, who would know if I didn’t work out today besides me…and I’m not telling:)

Working out from home takes a huge amount of discipline. Nobody is watching so I tend to quit when the going gets tough. Plus, you are at home, which makes it extremely hard to escape our domestic duties that we seem to get caught up in and working out tends to get pushed to the back of the line.

As well as making sure we get our workout on, eating healthy is a HUGE hurdle. When you travel, eating at new places and experiencing local cuisine is one of the BEST parts of exploring new areas.

This is where we have been working on this being a “lifestyle” and not a constant “vacation”. The first month we traveled I made excuses for not working out and eating bad because I kept telling myself, ” It’s okay because I am on vacation”.

Lets just say I packed on a few “vacation” pounds and that is when I realized this was going to take some discipline and a new mindset. These are definitely some hardships we have faced during this traveling lifestyle, but I know this is a common struggle for everyone out there who is trying to run a family and stay healthy.

Here are some steps we have taken to help us get back on track as a family, as well as traveling for months at a time.

Keep Moving – We love exploring new areas as a family. This is one of the main reasons we began this journey. So what better way to explore a city than walking, running, or biking throughout a new area? Lots of cities have tons of beautiful parks to visit and help you stay active.

Parks are a great way to let your kiddos have some fun while you get in a workout. Get creative! Use a park bench to do push-ups, triceps dips, step ups, or whatever exercises you enjoy. Push your kid on the swing while doing squats or whatever it takes to get moving. Run the stairs or hills at the park.