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Full Time RV Living – Why We Chose Living in a RV Over a House

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Let’s sell our house and move into a camper! Those are words I never thought I would hear my husband say, much less words I would agree to. If there is one thing I have learned from the short time I have been a parent is to never say never.

It’s funny how you have all these “nevers” in your head before you have kids. I will never let my kid do that, or say that, or eat that are among the few, but we eat, I mean choke on those words sooner or later. I was told having children will change your lives forever and I was ready for that change (well as ready as I could be anyway). But what I did not expect, was that having children would change the way I see the world and view my life in general.

I was initially convinced BK (before kids) that God gave us nine months of pregnancy to prepare for children so we had time to buy all the “stuff” we needed. While I was pregnant my husband and I discussed how we could we upgrade everything. Because that is what you do when you have kids right? We would need to add square footage to our house to give us more space and the back seat of my SUV was waaay too small. So of course we needed a bigger and safer vehicle as well.

These were just a few of the conversation topics that arose as we planned for the arrival of our bundle of joy. Little did I know all those plans were about to go out the window. After the birth of our daughter, Hensley, just as I had been warned, everything did change.

My life was no longer just MY life, but it was now OUR life. My thoughts changed, my mindset changed, my priorities changed, EVERYTHING changed but in a good way (well except for my body but thats neither here nor there these days). My thoughts were no longer as materialistic centered as before, but now my concern was how was I ever going to get enough time with my new love?

Thats when my husband approached me with a video he came across on the internet. The video was