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How to “Get Down” in Gruene, Texas

I come from a small town and consider myself a small town girl for sure. In my hometown we only had one red light until I was in high school. When they put red light number 2 in, you would have thought we struck it big-time. I love small towns and I am proud of my hometown heritage.

Small towns offer something special that you don’t get in the bigger cities. If you have ever been to Greune, Texas you will know what I mean. This small town is so quaint and charming. It is so inviting, I just wanted to give it a big hug and I felt like we had been friends forever.

This adorable town has so much history and although small, it has so much to offer. It has something for EVERYONE!

My favorite stop and probably it’s most famous is Greune Hall. Built in the 1880’s, it soon became the social gathering for the community. It is oldest dance hall in Texas and not to mention many country music legends have taken the stage here over the years. To be honest here, I showed up to Greune Hall expecting to see a few senior citizens doing the two step or I thought maybe nobody woul