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Texas is More Than Just Barbecue – Corpus Christi, Texas

When I used to think of Texas, I thought of great barbecue, cowboy boots, and some awesome waterholes. The beach was not what came to my mind. But after our Texas winter retreat of full time RV living, the beach is now a great Texas memory for me.

Growing up in Tennessee, if we went to the beach that usually meant Florida and I would say most people do think of beautiful beaches when you think of the sunshine state. I am going to say though, Texas has some great beach spots. They may not look as tropical as Florida beaches, but there is something special about a Texas beach and Corpus Christi and let me tell you why!

Mustang Island State Park is a great budget friendly beach location. This state park is a short walk to the sandy beaches of the Texas shoreline. My experience with Texas beaches showed me that although the water might not be as clear and the surroundings may not be exotic, I love the rugged and natural feel you experience with these beaches.

We went camping at this park in February and although very windy, the weather was so nice and a nice break from the winter cold. Our hometown in Tennessee received a foot of snow (which is a lot for this area) while we were away and even though a small part of me missed seeing the winter wonderland, this beach helped take my mind off that split moment of sadness.

This time of year, we had the beach almost all to ourselves to run, play, or just ride our bikes down the beach. One of the unique things I loved about this state park beach area, was they offer beachfront camping and camp fires. Although we camped in our camper, I thought this experience would have been awesome! How cool is that to get to sleep on the beach and lounge by the campfire with the sunset in the background. This option is a super cheap way to camp as well while getting a beachfront location.