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How to Live in a Small Space (And Not Go CRAZY)

I would go CRAZY living in an RV!

This is actually a very common response when people find out we are living in small space. I am not going to say this was not a concern of mine as well. Time has shown after 3 downsizes and now currently living in a 31 foot Airstream, living in a small space can be challenging aside from it’s perks. If you are thinking about downsizing or making the leap to full-time RV living, here are some tips that have helped us transition along the way and not go CRAZY!

“A Place for Everything. Everything in It’s Place” – Someone way more organized than me

A Place for Everything

Staying organized is KEY to living in a small space.  If you are an organized person, giving everything a place comes naturally. If you are more of a “free spirit” like myself, then assigning a place for each item is grueling at times.

More decisions for everything…Groceries have a place. Loose change. Shoes. Everything. It’s tough. But the bottom line is if items don’t have a home they start to take over your home. And that’s when the joy of living in a small space can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Everything in It’s Place

When I use an item I fi