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How to Visit Rocky Mountain National Park

I am going to try and explain the beauty that is Rocky Mountain National Park, but let me first warn you there are no words to give this park justice. Majestic rolling mountains in every direction and beautiful trees hugging the mountainsides are just the beginning. The vastness and beauty you will experience when you explore in this park is breathtaking.

Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous paved road in the United States stretching 48 miles across the park and soaring over 12,000 feet of elevation at the highest point. That translates to, you want to make this drive on the highway to the sky. Stop along the way and check out some scenic views, pack a lunch to enjoy a picnic, or make it to the end and explore the towns of Estes Park or Grand Lake depending on the direction you begin. Either destination is a site to behold. Check out our video of this drive to see these amazing views.

Hiking Rocky is AMAZING and there are hikes for every level of endurance and difficulty. With more than 355 miles of hiking trails in RMNP, no matter what your experience, you will not leave disappointed! You can take an easy stroll in the meadows or go for the ultimate hikers dream of Long’s Peak. We are somewhat in the middle. We like a little more of a challenge than a stroll, but due to the 2 year old we carry on our back, I don’t think we will tackle the 15 mile Long’s Peak challenge. Just yet anyway.

If you plan on hiking and it is peak season you will want to get there EARLY! Now do as I say and not as I do. We can not get anywhere early. We are working on it, so no judgement. If this is an option for you, then I highly recommend this for a couple reasons.

Firstly, thunderstorms start brewing in the afternoon, so start your day early to avoid mother natures’ fury.