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The Austin Zoo

Since being on the road and traveling in our RV that we’ve made home sweet home, we have been to quite a few zoos these days. While in Austin, we checked out the Austin Zoo. This zoo is a non profit organization filled with the rescue animals.

The animals in this zoo come to them from other facilities for many reasons. Some because they were retired due to factors such as age, health or other issues this organization can assist with. Some animals were seized in animal cruelty cases, retired laboratory research animals, or exotic pets of individuals who are no longer able to care for them. The mission of this zoo is to assist animals in need through rescue, rehabilitation and education and that makes this stop a truley unique and special experience.

Although at this time you won’t see any of the large animals such as elephants or giraffes, you can check out the wide range of species. Helping animals since 1990 when they started out as a small ranch, this zoo now ranges from over 300 animals. Yes small in stature, but in return you get an up close and personal experience while helping these sweet animals have a home.

Located in Texas Hill country, the Austin Zoo gives these animals true Texas habitats to reside in. So you won’t see any fake or fancy backdrops, just true Texas hill county homes for these guys. Not to mention the scenic drive and great views to get to the zoo location.

Speaking of views, catch a ride on the zoo train as it winds through Texas hill country and see some pretty awesome views if you ask me. Well worth the $2.50 per ticket and great for the kidos and kids at heart.

Petting zoo – Don’t forget to purchase you bag of feed and head to the petting zoo where you can feed the animals out of your hand and give them a little pet while you are at it.

So if you are in the area and in the mood to see some lions and tigers and bears…oh my (I can’t help myself) then check out this zoo. The bears cubs just turned two and the zoo threw them a birthday party. How cute is that? That just goes to show you how sweet these animals are treated at this little sanctuary in Austin. It’s a great trip for the whole family.

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