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5 Things to Do in San Antonio with Kids

San Antonio is a beautiful piece of Texas history mixed with modern city flair. Not only is this city easy on the eyes, there are so many fun things to do.

Living full time in our RV and traveling with a small child limits some of the activities we can partake in as we adventure to new cities. So with our daughter’s fear of elevators and basketball games (thats a new one to us but a true thing) that cancelled out the Tower of the Americas and catching a Spurs game (which was at the top of my to do list).

Hopefully, these are all phases that she will someday overcome, but at the moment we will not traumatize our child (and lets face it ourselves) and leave those to another time. Good thing for us this city has so many fun things to do and check out check out for people of all fears and ages.

Alamo Plaza Historic District – Our first stop no other than the Alamo. The Alamo is one of the most commonly visited tourist attractions in the US and the most visited attraction in Texas. We know this famous site to be the location of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836 but the history goes back even further than that.

The Alamo was originally built and established in 1718 as one of the early Spanish Missions to convert and spread Christianity to area Native Americans. That was the part of the history that either I was never taught in school or probably a better chance I had just forgotten that part.

With that being said when I thought of the Alamo I had just pictured the famous building you see in all the textbooks but I didn’t realize it was a whole community within the walls. Visiting the Alamo was not only a great refresher of a history lesson, but it was a surreal experience walking the grounds of past soldiers fighting for independence and giving their lives for freedom.

This Tennessee girl had to see where her fellow Tennessean Davy Crocket showed his volunteer spirit and went down fighting in the battle. The Alamo is truly an American history icon that you have to witness and see for yourselves. You literally have to because no video or photography is allowed in the church so I can’t help you out there.

It is amazing to have this piece of iconic history right in the middle of downtown San Antonio and it is almost as if you can step back in time and escape to another error of time in the middle of all the city action. It is a free self guided tour but you can pay for guided or audio tours as well. I would suggest brushing up on your history facts before visiting so you can spend your time enjoying the history and not reading everything like you are cramming for a test like I did.

Speaking of visiting, the winter months made for a great time to take a tour. The weather was amazing and not crowded at all. On a side note our daughter did not have a fear of the Alamo so we were good.

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park – There are four other missions in the area besides the famous Alamo making up the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park . Each mission is three miles apart from the other and all are located south of the Alamo.

My favorite thing to do while in in San Antonio was explore the Missions along the River Walk’s Mission Reach. The Mission Reach is an eight mile stretch with beautiful trails and picnic areas. This was a fun and scenic way to visit the Missions either by foot or bike. You are able to rent bikes from the multiple kiosks or we brought our own to tackle this trail. You are able to drive to the Missions as well, but I am telling you the trail is awesome if you are able to go that route.